Support delivered for early childhood education in Mulgoa

Quality early childhood education has a profound effect on the future of our children. It serves as their foundation for a bright future and now Aboriginal Australian children and children from low-income families in the electorate of Mulgoa have additional support to participate in 600 hours of quality early childhood education in the two years prior to school.

Tanya Davies, Member for Mulgoa said that seven local services have received grants that will allow preschool students to engage and learn in their earliest years.

“At places such as Gumbirra Children’s Centre in St Clair or Glenmore Park Child and Family Centre, grants of $10,000 were provided for the necessary resources to help these local services support Aboriginal Australian children and children from low-income families.”

“These grants have gone towards providing staff development, resources for supporting children, engaging with a member of the Aboriginal Australian community and the re-engagement with these families where enrolments may have declined because of the tough circumstances that COVID-19 presented.” Mrs Davies said.

“Early learning services play a critical role in supporting children and families. It is fantastic to see this funding being put towards supporting the work of these services in the electorate of Mulgoa.”

For the first time, Multifunctional Aboriginal Children’s Services and Aboriginal Child and Family Centre’s operating in NSW were included in this program.

Funding has been used for a range of activities that improve participation in early childhood education. These grants will enable local services to provide educational activities that will strengthen the foundations of children’s learning in those crucial years before school.

The NSW Government is committed to increasing educational access to quality early childhood education services, particularly for children from low-income families and those from Aboriginal families

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