Tanya Davies MP, Member for Badgerys Creek, has criticised the NSW Labor Government and called for the speedy release of the 2023 Independent Toll Review.

The review is looking into making toll roads simpler and fairer across Sydney’s motorway network.

“It has been over a year since Chris Minns announced the review as an election commitment. Public consultation occurred in June and July 2023 and it’s time that the report be published so that decision-makers can be well-guided and informed to develop and implement policy as a matter of priority,” Mrs Davies stated.

Mrs Davies submitted a Question on Notice addressed to the Minister for Roads, with a response to be provided by the Minister for Transport by the deadline of 13 March 2024.

Mrs Davies stated, “The NSW Government’s $60 cap only provides some short-term relief to eligible motorists for a 2-year trial period. We require a long-term, consistent plan to address this major contributor to cost-of-living pressures.”

The previous NSW Liberal and Nationals Government provided toll relief whilst building billions in new roads and connectivity.

Mrs Davies stressed that with the Western Sydney Airport scheduled to open in 2026, it is vital that increased connectivity is met with a long-term plan to reduce tolls.

“This is a Labor Government that is failing to complete or even proceed with short term projects, whilst lacking any vision for long term solutions to our issues,” Mrs Davies concluded.

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