As NSW celebrates the major new Return and Earn milestone of 11 billion containers recycled, Tanya Davies MP, Member for Badgerys Creek, commended the local community for having recycled countless bottles, cans and cartons through their local return points.

Mrs Davies stated, “Congratulations to the Badgerys Creek community for making Return & Earn an important part of your regular routine. Your enthusiastic participation is playing a vital role in growing our local economy and achieving a more sustainable future.”

Since its introduction by the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government approximately 6 years ago, the scheme has surpassed all expectations in NSW, with more than a billion dollars in container refunds back into people’s pockets and almost a million tonnes of materials recycled.

Charities and local community groups are also benefitting from the scheme, with $54 million raised statewide for hundreds of charities and community groups via donated refunds and return point hosting fees.

Mrs Davies, whose son Harry is a keen contributor to the scheme, encourages the community to maintain their involvement, stating “recycling your eligible bottles, cartons and cans through Return & Earn is an easy way for all of us to help the environment and support the work of some amazing local charities and community groups.”

The Shadow Minister for Environment, Kellie Sloane MP, also weighed in, stating “I’m thrilled to see that six years or so after its introduction by the Coalition Government, it’s become a way of life for so many local households.”

With all plastic and glass drink containers collected through the network recycled in Australia, Return and Earn has led to a 54% reduction in drink container litter since pre-scheme levels.

For more information about Return and Earn or to find your nearest return point visit www.returnandearn.org.au.