Tanya Davies MP, Member for Badgerys Creek, has written to Premier Chris Minns calling on him and his Labor Government to restore the Liberals’ Back to School vouchers, a cost-of-living assistance package that gave all parents $150 per child in vouchers to help with the costs of school supplies, uniforms and technology.

Premier Chris Minns and his Labor Government decided to axe the Liberals’ Back To School vouchers in their first Budget.

Mrs Davies stated, “In light of Labor’s cost-of-living crisis, I am calling on the Labor Government to restore the Back to School vouchers to assist parents and students as they prepare for a new school year.”

In addition to the Labor Government cutting this vital cost of living support, they also slashed Active Kids, Creative Kids and First Lap vouchers, meaning hundreds of thousands of families are missing out.

The Liberals understand the importance of helping families with the cost of school, sports and extracurricular activities – which is why they implemented these vouchers.

Mrs Davies stated, “This is a Labor Party whose only vision is to cancel, whether it be to cancel vital infrastructure, cancel Australia Day or cancel assistance for families.”

“Families shouldn’t have to pay the price for Labor’s mismanagement of the Budget,” Mrs Davies added.

Mrs Davies will continue to fight for families and for more support to address the increasing cost of living.