Elizabeth Drive, a vital transport corridor stretching between the M7 Motorway in Cecil Hills and the Northern Road in Luddenham, stands at the forefront of concerns for the Member for Badgerys Creek, Tanya Davies.

In light of the $200 million initially allocated by the former Liberal Government from WestInvest for safety upgrades along Elizabeth Drive in Kemps Creek, particularly between Devonshire Road and Western Road, Mrs Davies has called into question the current Labor Government’s financial commitment and transparency regarding this critical infrastructural project.

“Following the transition to a Labor Government, and the release of their budget, a mere $10 million has been earmarked to ‘investigate’ improvements along Elizabeth Drive,” said Mrs Davies. “Upon my public challenge, the previously committed $200 million was re-promised via a media release yet remains conspicuously absent from the 2023/24 NSW Budget documentation.”

Two pivotal questions remain: why is the $200 million not explicitly itemised in the Budget, and when and how will the funding be deployed for the intended upgrades to Elizabeth Drive?

“The Badgerys Creek community deserves absolute transparency and accountability. I have this week, within Parliament, submitted questions to the Minister for Roads, pressing for detailed answers to alleviate the community’s concerns and secure clarity on these issues,” said Mrs Davies.

Tanya Davies MP remains steadfastly committed to holding the government to account and ensuring that promises made are promises kept, especially where community safety and infrastructure are concerned.