Driving down the costs of childcare

Families are set to save thousands of dollars a year on childcare costs thanks to the NSW Government’s unprecedented investment of up to $5 billion over the next decade to expand high quality, affordable childcare.

A family with one child in full-time childcare that benefits from the investment is expected to save up to $3,900 a year, while the equivalent family living in regional NSW with two children in childcare is expected to save up to $7,800.

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies welcomes this incredible investment being made in childcare to help transform the lives of families across the state.

“Improving access to affordable and high-quality childcare will significantly improve women’s economic opportunity, ability to participate in the workforce and help families secure a brighter future” Mrs Davies said.

“Women are a crucial part of this State’s success and women should be able to have access to affordable childcare and the ability to participate in the workforce.”

The NSW Government’s investment will be made through the Affordable and Accessible Childcare and Economic Participation Fund, which will be established in
this year’s budget. The Fund will:

  • Provide grants to childcare providers to expand infrastructure and establish new centres
  • Target areas with limited access to childcare centres or where a shortage of childcare places poses the highest disincentive to parents returning to work
  • Complement the Commonwealth’s demand-side childcare policy framework through flexible supply side funding
  • Invest $775 million over the next four years, and
  • Trial new service models to meet the needs of modern families.

For more information go to treasury.nsw.gov.au/childcare-fund