Tanya Davies MP, Member for Badgerys Creek, wishes all women a Happy 2024 International Women’s Day!

Mrs Davies stated, “I thank and recognise all women for their endless and valued contributions to their loved ones and to society. To all mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters and nieces, today is a day to celebrate you.”

Mrs Davies paid tribute to Leisa McGivern OAM, resident of Glenmore Park, who was announced as the 2024 Badgerys Creek Local Woman of the Year.

She was awarded the honour in recognition of her extraordinary service to children as a foster carer over the last 24 years, in which she has fostered more than 60 children.

Mrs Davies stated, “It’s women like Leisa who showcase the lasting impact that women in society can have when they dedicate themselves to their passion. I commend Leisa for giving a safe, loving and nurturing home-life to many vulnerable babies and children over many years.”

Mrs Davies provided some words of encouragement to all women on this special occasion. She stated, “To all women in our region, it is my hope that you feel valued and appreciated in whatever sphere of life you are in. Take courage to chase your dreams and let’s always be encouragers of each other. I wish you all a Happy 2024 International Women’s Day!”