Tanya Davies MP, Member for Badgerys Creek, has lashed out at the NSW Labor Government for its housing policy plan, which will see the NSW Labor Government override local Councils’ controls.

NSW Labor’s plan seeks to enforce the approval of residential flat buildings, manor houses, terraces and duplexes in areas where they are currently not permitted. The non-refusal standards the State Government are proposing will override local Councils’ controls.

Mrs Davies stated, “This one size fits all plan is a lazy, short-sighted, blanketed approach which fails to consider the differences and needs of each community. I am deeply concerned about the effects of increased density on traffic, parking and the natural environment.”

Mrs Davies also stressed her concerns that the NSW Labor Government has failed to plan and fund the infrastructure required for the increased density.

“The NSW Labor Government failed to hold their federal counterparts to account with their extraordinary cuts to infrastructure and have failed to commit to restoring the funding or developing a plan of their own. Labor cannot expect the community to handle an increased density without the appropriate infrastructure and without a say of their own,” stated Mrs Davies.

Mrs Davies continued her criticism of the NSW Labor Government, stating “people also need places to work, build businesses and contribute to the financial growth of their communities.  NSW Labor has failed dismally to comprehensively plan housing developments that will provide the supporting infrastructure and employment opportunities.”

Mrs Davies stated that she supports increasing the supply of housing to handle the growing population and to assist prospective first home buyers, however, believes that the NSW Government must do so in unison with local communities and Councils, and not simply bulldoze over them.

“The local communities know what’s best for them. The NSW Labor Government must listen to the communities, rather than tell them to get out of the way,” concluded Mrs Davies.